Photo cred: https://www.boonville.k12.mo.us/schools/btec/organizations/hosa/Pages/default.aspx

Robbie Neville, Writer

HOSA is one of many groups here at Davis High and has a great reputation within the health field. HOSA also known as the “future health professionals” is an international corporation for those who want to take in the medical field.

Kelly Kurtz was asked “What is the most interesting thing about HOSA?” She said, “HOSA gives kids the skills about leadership field interest. Students also use this group to bong together within the community.”

HOSA is a very community-based organization, they do many events to help others in need. The medical field is a lot of academics, but most of all it’s all about helping others live a comfortable and safe life.

When Kurtz was asked about the competitions in HOSA she responded with, “There are state competitions every march about medical terminology, medical photos, and other team events.”

The competitions start in state at a Davis center in Layton and can be carried on going to nationals. Students will do trials that range from written tests to basic medical terminology. The competitions can help students pursue excellence if prepared correctly.

Along with the competition side there are other factors to the event. When Kelly was asked what the best part of the competition was, she responded with, “Kids being able to see and connect with others and see what they have learned as well helps them grow.”

Being able to observe other peers’ knowledge and what their interests are can always be inspiring. Some would say competitions are the equivalent of current medical professionals going to other facilities to learn and grow.

Kurtz was asked about any upcoming events that HOSA is participating in and she said, “There is a blood drive on April 26th, anyone over 16 can donate. The event is held from 2-6”.

The blood drive happens 2 times a year along with other community events that the group thinks would help others. These events include a clothing drive for Kenya, blankets, and food to shelters.

HOSA has always been a great way that future medical professionals can learn off each other and give back to the community while doing so. This great group at Davis already does and will continue to make the world a better place.