Davis High cheer team tryouts and some helpful tips


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The golden color of Tassel sports cheer

Garrett Nielsen, Writer

Davis High is known for having one of the best student sections. The MOB carries such an influence on every game. The MOB would be nothing without a great leader and that’s when Davis High Cheer takes control.

The past week Davis High Cheer has started its tryouts for the next year. Davis High is very critical in selecting the best cheerleaders possible. Cheer is very competitive, and Davis wants their cheer team to be the best it can be.

In interview with the current cheer captain Kate Call she gave some incredible feedback about the importance of cheer and her passion for it.

When asked the question what the most important thing about cheer is, she stated, “The most important thing about cheer is making sure you show up for your team. Cheer can’t be successful with just one good person; it takes the entire team to show up and work with each other to be successful.”

Cheer is based on teamwork. This is what any cheer team needs to be the most successful. No cheer team will ever be good if they cannot work together and improve with one another.

Another question asked was what makes cheerleaders stand out more than others. She answered with, “Cheerleaders stand out more than others based on how showy and clean they are. That means super big facials, engaging the crowd, and being super sharp in your motions. They also stand out with pretty tumbling and stunting as well.”

When competing against other cheer teams, being sharp with motions and looking as clean as possible is one of the biggest things judges look for. This takes a huge team effort to work together in every way possible. This includes having a big smile and showing off the energy a cheer team can bring.

Call will be graduating this year from Davis High and going to college at the University of Utah. When asked “What continues you to want to try out and continue with cheer”, she responded, “I have always wanted to try out simply because I love it. It is so fun to work towards a goal with your teammates in cheer. I love stunting and tumbling and making new friendships through cheer.”

Cheerleading is a great way to make great new relationships with others and work on leadership and teambuilding not only with yourself but also as a group. Davis High School has an amazing cheer squad and what makes it great are the ones who put forth the most effort to make the team the best it can be.