Closing Day for Snowbasin


Kash Gates, Writer

April 23rd 2023 will be the last day of Snowbasin’s amazing season. They have been open the longest ever this year making history for years to come.

Another record that they achieved this year was ending the year with 613 total inches this year and even on closing day they still have 100+ inches and possibly more to come.

“This years snowpack has been noticeably different with one of the biggest things being that compared to last year things are completely hidden under the snow like trees and rocks we would ski by or off last season.” said Talin Dunyon while reminiscing about the season.

With snow like this it makes you think of what next year could hold. With last year only having about 475 inches, it makes you wonder if there will still be a up trend in the years to come or just a peak this season.

“From what I can remember at least there’s never been a season quite like this one before, at least as long as I’ve been skiing. Usually it’s great but this year the snow just never stopped, it just kept giving.” Said Dunyon happily.

With this great amount of snow at our resorts and just in the mountains it means that our lakes will also be fuller this year. Last year our lakes got super low especially Lake Powell because of the use of the water for California.

“Last year I would go boating about once a week and the water heights in Pineview were so low it started looking like a marsh in some areas and really confined the area of were everyone was boating.” Said Dunyon disappointedly.

Snowbasin is very close to Pineview reservoir and the great amount of snow from the mountains around will fill it up greatly and leave extras to send down the canyon into the Great Salt Lake. Expecting to see great increase in the Salt Lake levels too.