Homework draws division between teachers and students.


Abrianna Fowler, Writer

Homework has been around for forever, is it time we got rid of it? Some students at Davis high speak out about how the stress of homework can add to a teenagers already busy life. Is balancing school 7 hours a day, extra curriculars, work, family time, and homework all too much for the average teen?

While students are naturally against homework, teachers believe it helps the students feel more engaged and better prepared for the course material. “For me, homework helps keep my mind sharp and ready for the next time in class, as long as its not just busy work.” Says Davis high senior, Logan Adams.

Teachers should also keep in mind that everyone’s home life is different, for some it might be easier to get homework done and for others it’s impossible. “Balancing school, work, family life, extra curriculars, time to be a teenager, and homework is all too much. It makes it a lot less stressful if there isn’t a penalty for late work.” Says Davis high student Carly Saunders.

“The problem with having no penalty for late work is that students wait till the last second to turn everything in, then us teachers are overwhelmed and stressed with all these incoming assignments to grade, maybe getting rid of homework is the way to go.” Says teacher at Davis high.

While both teachers and students have their positive and negative thoughts on homework, it seems its here t stay so here are some tips for students to make sure you don’t get to overwhelmed. Write down all your assignments and when they’re due, break big projects into parts. Use a planner or planning app to keep track of schoolwork.

If you are every feeling to overwhelmed or stressed with certain assignments, you can always go and talk to other students and your teachers about what you can do to lighten the work load to help you be successful in school without becoming to overwhelmed or stressed.