Utah and the crazy weather


Robbie Neville, Writer

Utah’s weather has been extraordinary this year as we have hit record high levels of snow this last winter. Since Utah has been recording snowfall, 2023 surpassed the record in 1983 which was 28.8 inches compared to the 29.4 inches this year.

With the huge impact of the snow in the past couple months many have found it hard to adjust to the sudden burst in heat wave in Utah. Flooding has been a huge part of the negative side of the situation, but on the other hand there has been a huge influx of drinking water for the summer.

When Garrett Neilson was asked the question, “Has the hot weather affected you or anyone in your community?” He responded, “The warmth has been better than the cold, I am able to actually go outside and play sports.”

Along with other spring and summer activities sports have been hit hard as well. Many school/recreational sports have been delayed multiple times throughout the season with many unexpected snowstorms.

To get more insight about the situation Danny Brough was asked, “Do you find the sudden burst in heat to be good or bad?” Danny said, “Easily bad because we have no time to adjust our bodies to the sun temperature change, another unfortunate event is the flooding in Utah.”

The flooding in Utah has affected many areas including Kaysville and Salt Lake, weather apps have been giving nonstop warnings as well. With the sudden change in temperature some prefer the cold again although we had it for so long.

When Brough was asked, “Do you prefer the heat or the cold?” He gave the answer, “I was born in July, and I’ve always really loved the dead heat of the summer even if it’s 100 degrees, that’s better than below 20 degrees in my opinion.”

Utah’s winter and early spring has been nothing short of remarkable, but with all of the positives and negatives its still remarkable how the state has managed to get so much snowfall in just one winter.