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Which Fast Food is the Best


What is the best place to eat fast food places to eat at? There are lots of fast food chains all around the world we are going to go over which ones are the most liked the revenue of them and how fast the lines go. The Company that we will be reviewing will be McDonalds, In n out, Chick Fila. We will rank Each of the in the Efficiency and in how much money they are bringing in.  



First we are going to look at Mcdonalds one of the most successful fast food places in the world. McDonald’s, a global fast-food giant, is renowned for its financial success, with annual revenues reaching tens of billions of dollars. The brand’s widespread popularity is evident in the perpetual queues at its outlets worldwide. Since its inception in 1940, McDonald’s has evolved attracting diverse customers with its iconic offerings and drive-thru experiences. The average wait time it takes to get through the drive through is 122 seconds most likely due to the lines that are there. McDonalds has 13,444 locations all throughout the U.S Ranking its self 3 in the country falling behind Starbucks and Subway 

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In N Out 

In n Out is known to be one of the most fast and hardworking fast food places in the country most in n outs are on the west coast only having 417 locations California is where most of them are having 286 in the state. Being one of the most packed fast food restaurants in the U.S the wait time to get your food is on average 30 minutes which is way more than any other restaurant. This is because of the amount of people there each day some might say its not worth it for there food but the big lines will stay there because people keep coming back. In n Out is a company who has one of the most simply menus there is there menu consist of a cheeseburger or a double cheeseburger and then shakes and fries that is the whole menu. In N Out brings in around 575 million dollars in revenue annually. 


Chick Fila 

Chick Fila is one of the biggest fast food companies in the Country having a annual revenue of $11.3 Million puts it in 3rd in the country for most revenue annually. One of the things that Chick Fila is know for is there always happy customers and whenever you say thanks they will always respond with my pleasure if you didn’t know this try it for yourself next time you go. The average time it takes for people to get through the line a Chick Fila is 5 minutes due to the long lines but goes by very fast with the help and work inside. Chick Fila is one of the biggest growing fast food chains and even with that revenue they are closed on Sundays which lost of Big companies are not. Chick Fila is probably the most growing company in the country right now and they are spreading all around country having 2,600 locations. 


Which is the Best 

There are lots of reasons why you should choose each of these as the best but if we had to go off of one of the most efficient and most know it would have to be McDonalds mainly because it was one of the first fast food places around so they have had to most experience. The next I would have to choose is probably the hardest to choose from but I think the more efficient company is chick fila just because of home many new locations they have been opening recently and being known for there famous chick fila sauce. Still a very good option but coming last is In n Out one of the best hamburger places in the country.  

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Luke Edgington, Journalist
Luke is a very dedicated wrestler and has been wrestling since he was very young he loves hanging out with his friends and going to parties. Luke took this class so that he could get his English's credit, but has learned to like writing about interesting subjects. He's on the tennis team and likes playing lot's of different sports, his favorite thing to watch is the BYU football games.