JV Sports Deserve Attention Like Varsity

Ashton Fry and Madison Russell

Ashton Fry and Madi Russell

Sports are a big deal here at Davis High and throughout the community; however, there are teams that work just as hard, for only half the credit. Junior Varsity teams are in need of some extra school spirit to reward their hard work.

“I think just kind of getting it out more, getting more people to come, and just making more of a big deal about it, I guess would help get more support for the JV games,” Adam Taylor, Senior Class Officer said.

More than double the people go to Varsity games than JV games, even though JV practice is just as long and hard as the Varsity players. They should get the same amount of support, if they are putting in the same amount of work.

“I think that more people go to Varsity games because they think it’s more fun to watch,” Ally Megill, JV Soccer Player said.

All soccer games are full of players with skill, but certain players are put on to the Varsity team because of their advanced skill. Most players on the JV teams will move up to the Varsity team, but the biggest difference between the two teams is competitiveness.

“I think that people like to go to the Varsity games more, because it’s more competitive. People like that competition,” Hunter Laws Varsity Soccer Player said.

Overall the biggest thing that could be done to improve JV Soccer Game attendance is to get it out there. If people and their friends will start going, then more people will want to go, and the JV teams could get more support from our student body.