Dart-Strong: The Century is Ours

Emily Abel, Managing Editor

‘Defend the Tradition’-a mindset that has accompanied Davis High through the last 100 years of excellence.
As the 101st year opens, Darts are not no longer just defending, we are advancing. Students are moving forward, climbing to new unexplored ground, while still upholding the rich history behind us.
For this new year, Davis has chosen to live by the motto ‘The Century is Ours.”
This shows our commitment to pounce on opportunities and actively be a part of next 100 years of excellence.
Hi! My name is Emily Abel, and I am a Davis High senior ready to help the Darts make our mark on this new century.
Through this monthly column, I hope to keep Davis County updated on all the amazing things happening daily at dear ole’ Davis High School.
I want to showcase what it means to be a Dart and how we plan to charge headfirst into the next 100 years.
One aspect of Davis High that I find the most pride in, is the fact that no one is charging alone, we support each other as a student body. Our motto is not, ‘The Century is Mine,’ but truly ‘The Century is Ours.’
Most recently, I have watched in awe the flood of support for Senior Tanner Linford and his success on the blind auditions of The Voice.
The posts on Facebook of students proudly showing off their friend Tanner clogged my newsfeed for days. Earlier in September, I watched as the school rallied their support towards one of our varsity cross country runners, Senior Tatum Beard and her triumph as a runner after overcoming an eating disorder.
I have shown you these two examples to help illustrate my decision when naming this column.
Linford and Beard are both very strong individuals, but paired with the support from their peers, they become Dart-Strong.
Dart-Strong is the power Darts have when we come together to make our mark on the century.
This phrase has been printed onto the back of our school spirit t-shirts. But I hope that it can be printed on a bigger scale than a t-shirt.
Over my time writing for The Clipper, I plan to print a myriad of Dart-Strong moments for Davis County, and beyond, to see as they occur at Davis High.
Now, this is a task I don’t plan to undertake alone. I am asking for all Darts’ help in writing this monthly column.
Please, let me know what needs to be included. Help me seek out those whose story deserves to be told. Contact me through my advisor Terri Hall from the journalism department ([email protected]). I want to hear about the small advances just as much as the big ones. I believe, together, this century truly can be ours.