Kaysville Pool?

Max Kunz and Palmer Flood


Palmer Flood and Max Kunz

The lack of a public pool in the city of Kaysville has an impact on the whole community. Kaysville City Councilman Brett Garlick shed some light on this often ignored issue.

The reason, often overlooked by citizens of Kaysville, is that of economics. A public pool is always the top on the list of what recreational facility citizens would like to see built. But more is needed to build a pool than enthusiasm.

“Whenever you ask…would you be willing to have your taxes increased to pay for a pool? “ Garlick said, “The answer is always overwhelmingly NO.”
Cherry Hill Waterpark is often pegged as the reason for a public pool not being necessary in Kaysville. Garlick had a different opinion as to Cherry Hill’s influence.

“Cherry Hill is not in Kaysville, it is in Fruit Heights. So there is no economic benefit to Kaysville for the people who go to Cherry Hill.”
Garlick is aware that the lack of a pool causes the Davis High swim team to have to travel to Layton Surf n Swim for practice. This is of concern, but is also a matter of what the school district is willing to do not just the city.

“If there was anyway that it made economic sense for the Davis School District to approach the City and to try and come up with a joint venture.” Garlick Said. “I’m sure the city would be willing to have that discussion.”
The desire for a pool often finds its way into the public comment section of the city council meetings, but if citizens really want a change an organized group would be necessary.

“I haven’t seen an organized group of people come in and request a pool” Garlick Said,“there hasn’t really been a formal request  in the time I have been on the city council.”
Because Kaysville is a growing city it has not reached its full potential. Sales tax on business in Kaysville in the future could possibly help fund the pool.

“Maybe once Kaysville gets built out, and we get the grocery store in west Kaysville,” Garlick said, “maybe there is some other sales tax revenue generating facilities.”