The Mob hopes to create school spirit in a loud way

Blaine Bass

Jake Feigleson and Blaine Bass

Camo, cheering, and camaraderie; these traits are all that is needed to be a part of the Mob. The Davis High student section has been at the core of Davis High for as long as athletics have been around, but the student section hasn’t always been called to the Mob.

“They named it the Mob, I think it was two years ago, and that’s when they started the camo,” said Senior Caden Beyer.

The Mob is prided on being the loudest, most rowdy student section in the state. The noise level and craziness that is produced when Davis High athletics are going on is unrivaled by any other school in Utah. “The Mob just shows ‘hey we’re the big, bad boys’ ya know?’And I think that’s a good quality,” said Senior Nathanel Ferre.

The Mob is a key component to the success that Davis High has had in athletics in the past and will continue to leave their legacy.