Girls Lacrosse A Very Cool Sport

Elle Hampton, Reporter

The Girls Lacrosse Club was founded six years ago by Mrs. Leedy.  Coach Leedy has worked to create a safe environment for girls to go to after school. A place for girls to forget about their worries at school, or home.  A place that girls can learn and progress in Lacrosse.

“It’s like an outlet.  When I step onto the field I don’t think about anything else, which is a nice escape.  I like being able to push myself physically and mentally.” Said Kirsten Davis, Girls Lacrosse Team Captain.

The athletes of the Girls Lacrosse team enjoy feeling accepted and having another family.

“With Lacrosse it is a family sport; if one person is in it you are automatically friends with that person.  I don’t know. . . It’s just family,”  Said Gillian Berret, Girls Lacrosse Team Captain.