Dart-Strong: Not the Next Generation of Justifiers

Emily Abel, Managing Editor

Here at Davis high we write argumentative essays every term for each class. A lot of Darts are thinking “An essay in math class?” Do we really need to argue about the Pythagorean Theorem that was discovered 4,000 years ago? Where is arguing about graphing calculators getting us in life?

Well, whether it makes sense writing all these essays or not, we Darts are sure getting good at it. If we can learn to eloquently defend the things we could care less about, imagine what we will be able to do with the subjects that do pull our attention.

Imagine writing an essay about and winning a Pulitzer Prize for the effect it had on the world. Through your writing abilities you inspired a better vision in people. An important aspect of these abilities is the skill to see the topic from multiple perspectives.

We Darts need to be cautious in our reasoning. We are so good at forming thesis statements, giving evidence, and providing examples we need to be certain our justifying is heading in the right direction.

Perhaps the dead-lock in Washington is caused by a generation of training students to defend “their” solution, versus developing the thinking and writing skills that allow a free flow of information to find the “best” solution.

But this training doesn’t need to continue. Together, we have the power write a new system, one that emboldens this exchange of ideas. We can allow ourselves to pioneer a new way of solving problems.

There is something to be said of the difference between assuming we have the correct solution, and accepting other, new perspectives that expand our own. This way, resolving issues becomes a group effort, not a contest between a few people.

High School is the perfect time to hone this process. Seemingly endless argumentative writing assignments and dreaded group projects are preparing us to make these changes.

So Darts, let’s not be the next generation of justifiers, let’s show the world how to rediscover truth. Let’s be Dart-Strong.