Sub For Santa takes care of homeless families

Jed Fowles

Taylor Rogers and Ashton Corsetti

Sub for santa is our annual fundraiser for the homeless students in Davis School District. ”[We] have chosen to help our fellow students.  There are currently 1,123 homeless students in our district,” SBO advisor, Mrs. Hyer said.


The money that is raised will help “pay for christmas presents, clothing, school supplies, food, and housing based on the needs of the families,” Hyer said.


“It’s also a great opportunity for [students] at Davis to be a part of something bigger than themselves and give back to the community,” student body president, Connor Simonson said.


“Sub for Santa will kick off on Wednesday, December 3rd, with an assembly and run 8-19 December. There will be many different activities during the two week time period to encourage students to donate, including a bachelor auction on Friday 12 December,” Hyer said.

SBO's works to organize Sub for Santa assembly
Ashton Corsetti
SBO’s works to organize Sub for Santa assembly