Students selected for outstanding student awards

Ella Johnson, Reporter

At the end of first term, 57 students were chosen to be First Term Outstanding Students.

Senior Brenna Sorensen was chosen to be an outstanding student in her Lifetime Activities class taught by Mrs. Salvo. She said, “I am an outstanding student because I try my hardest and I am always doing my very best.”

Junior Class Officer Sarah Plumley received an outstanding student award from her chemistry teacher, Mrs. Laub. “I would go in when I didn’t understand something,” said Plumley. “I would try to not only get it for the assignment but to understand the whole concept.”

As an award, Sorensen, Plumley, and the other outstanding students received a certificate and a candy bar.

Sorensen was happy to be chosen as an outstanding student. She said her favorite part of this award was, “just seeing that I am setting a good example and to have fun with it.”

The best part of the award was, “getting credit for something good,” said Plumley. “In sports there’s lots of recognition for different things, but academics not so much.”

The full list of First Term Outstanding Students can be found using the following link: