The Band Competition in St. George

Lindsey Miller, Reporter

The Band recently participated in two competitions in St. George. They had the State Championships at Red Rock and then Bands of America.

Senior Drum Major Caroline Mckenzie said, “They were amazing. We got 2nd place in state and 5th place in region, which was is the Bands of America, and it was phenomenal.”

Although The Band stopped in Disneyland after the competitions, most of the band members said being together and learning together was by far their favorite part.

Senior Tia Derbidge stated, “ [My favorite part was] after the competition, knowing that we had just played one of our best shows that we ever did.”

Fellow band member Caroline Mckenzie stated, “It was just amazing because the trip, I would say Disneyland, but yet it still wasn’t my favorite part. The biggest thing that I loved was that at the end of the competitions we break ranks and when you break ranks you get to inter mingle with all other bands and we are able to inter mingle and meet kids that have gone through the same experience as us.”

This trip was the end of the Marching band season. Although the band is sad to see it come to an end, they now have new friends and memories from the trip.