Esports emerges as new club

Jed Fowles

Carter Erickson and John Eaton

In the past year, a club has emerged that shows adaption to the changing times. Esports, known as electronic sports, is the video game club at Davis High.

“Typically known as a gaming club, it’s just a club where people get together to play video games, typically ones that are played competitively,” said Mr Sheffield, the Esports club advisor.

The assortment of games played is extensive. From team to solo, from online to over a console, Esports has it all. The rule for what games can be played is, “as long as enough of the kids want to play it and it can be played, then we’ll play it,” said Esports member Ben Larsen. Some of the main games played includes League of Legends, Starcraft, and many more. They also hold tournaments outside of just normal play.

“We also have Smash Bro tournaments, Mario Kart tournament, and a League of Legends tournament later on,” explained Larsen.

Esports is a fairly unique club for a high school to have. The members usually have to compete against each other because of the low amount of regional activity.

“Not many others schools do it, other than Davis. There’s maybe about two around here that have one.”

A typical Esports meeting starts off with a quick meeting and then play.

“We usually just go into a computer lab and will just talk about new different games, and competing and playing different games,” said Sheffield

But a question still remains, why do kids do Esports? “Same reason kids do football or any other sport, it’s fun, it’s competitive,” said Sheffield. The kids gather together to practice and do something they like with their friends.

Larsen said, “I joined Esports because my friends were doing it and I like to play video games and those two are a great combination.”