Academic Olympiad Results

Victoria Sandholtz, Reporter

Academic Olympiad just recently had a competition where they took first place. Ashley Neilson, a member, said, “It’s a team of nine students. Ms. Meade puts it together and we go up to Utah State where there is a competition. It’s like the ACT on steroids. there’s four hours of tests, math science, social studies, and english.” This is a great opportunity for students to get a good scholarships or just any award. 

Not only did they take first, but they received Gold Medals in Math and Social Studies and a Bronze Medal in Science. Then member Ryan Merrell took the Silver Medal individually as the second place overall score, and a Silver and Bronze in Social Studies. Nathan Burton also received the individual Silver and Bronze for Social Studies.

Member Nielson said, “It’s for really intelligent students to go and show how they shine.” These students put lots of hard work to prepare for this competition. They would meet weekly at lunch in Ms. Meades room, and go over some of the topics that were going to be on the test. All of their hard work paid off in the end. Congratulations to the Academic Olympiad team for doing so well.


The members consist of:


Ryan Merrell

Spencer Rasmussen

Michael Stephenson

Nathan Burton

Nathaniel Neubert

Ashley Nielson

Brittin Hekking

Andrea Barton

Laura Needham