Asking to dances – how early is too early?


Senior Hannah Wilkinson gets picture taken at Homecoming dance.

There is always a stir over premature dance-proposals. Girls are poised and ready to pounce the moment the music stops from the last dance. There are both pros and cons to this situation.

  • Girls need time to prepare for formals. “If it’s a formal though the girl needs time to get her dress,” Junior Kesley Hill said.
  • It is more likely that students can ask who they want to a dance. “If you ask early and it’s someone you really want to ask then it could be good but it works either way,” Junior Jamie Alverez said.
  • There is more time to plan the day activity and that makes the date more creative and fun.
  • Students can make sure they have the group they want. If someone asks early, it’s more likely they can have a group with their friends.


  • It can cause a frenzy for dates in the weeks after the previous dance. “Cause you don’t have the chance to ask someone because they’ve already been asked before you even got the first dance over with,” Junior Robin Safeer said.
  • Students can also seem overeager. “If I were a boy I would find the girl a little crazy,” Junior Kesley Hill said.
  • It can cause a lot of stress. “Don’t be worrying about three months from now. Have fun. Enjoy it. Don’t be stressing about the other dances,” Junior Haley Eastman said.