Kaysville Library changes location


Kaysville Library is prepared for relocation.

Ella Johnson and Ashton Fry

After years of residing just off of Main Street, the Kaysville Library is being relocated. The new Library building is currently being built next to the city’s Heritage Park. The city is hoping that by June of 2015 the new library will be open and ready for use.

As the library changes locale, students that have been using the library for years have things that they will miss as their library moves.

Senior Ashkeya Hokanson has been using the Kaysville Library, “since I was like four.” She said, “There will always be a part of me that will miss the simple location of the place and [the library’s] central part in Kaysville’s Main Street bustle.”

“I liked that it was by the bank,” said Senior Bryson Golightly. “I [would] always go there when I went to the bank.”

Students that have used the Kaysville Library since they were children also have many memories of using the library and things that they like to do there.

“I remember the little kid section, and always running up there, even when I was older, to find my favorite books,” said Hokanson.

“I go there to research, because it’s quieter than my house, and to check out books,” said Golightly.

The building of the current library is not going to be knocked down; it is going to be put to use by the city as potentially an extension of city hall.