Citizenship affects students attitudes

Jed Fowles


Adam Aposhian and Abbey Hartvigsen

Citizenship make up for  U’s is available for students who need it. There is a class for two hours every week. Citizenship Secretary Leslie Gale said, “I believe that it really is helpful in making students understand that they can’t be tardy to class because they don’t want to sit through another two hour class.” Gale stated that the class day and activity differs depending on the teacher.  Senior Nixon Janke said,“I think they’re effective. With the classroom you make them up. I think they’re good.”

Students can also make up U’s by participating in pre-approved service opportunities. Assisting individual teachers and custodians after making they make a plan to do so is one option. Other options include service projects. Contact Cole Stephens for information about Kaysville City Parks and Recreation Department service projects. Information about other service projects are available from Leslie Gale.

In the past one of the options for U make up was making blankets. This option is not available anymore. Junior Adam Heald said, “Sometimes people just make blankets, and they have their grandma make them.”

Counselor Alan Porter said, “You’re being a good citizen. That’s the theory behind all the things that we do to recover citizenship credit: what can a student do to give back to the community, to give back to the school, and make up for the missed citizenship that they lost.”