Students Can No Longer Do Blankets for “U’s”


Tied blankets made to make up “U’s”

Ashton Fry, Reporter

Last year, students with a U had it easy. To get rid of a U last year, students only had to make two blankets. This year clearing a U requires a little more effort. Students have to go to a class in order to make it up.

“The blankets became a pain in the neck… the group that used the blankets, apparently they had some pretty strict regulations on what kind of blanket they would take. And a ton of them were coming in, and they were not the right size, they were not done right, they were old, they were just screwed up one way or another,” Rich Firmage, Vice Principal said.

Students would get together with friends or just have their mom make the blankets, and so wasn’t a real punishment. They decided to make it more of a punishment, in order to try and decrease the amount of U’s.

“We’re hoping that the fact that the class is much more difficult than the blankets, that maybe someone will go to class on time.”

Since it is a brand new policy, we haven’t seen any major changes in attendance or U’s, but will continue to notice the, repercussions of this change.