Academic All-State Winners

Victoria Sandholtz, Producer

Students that excel in sports also have the opportunity to be awarded for their academic excellence. “The award is Academic All-State. They take all the athletes that play your sport for the high school, then see which ones have 4.0s and look deeper at what classes they take and their ACT scores until they come up with…10 athletes,” Maddie Meyer, an All-State winner, said.


This award gives recognition to students who are hard workers and challenging themselves academically. “I had seen other people get the award but it wasn’t something that I was working towards it just kind of came by being a good student. It made all the hard work pay off and it was nice to get recognized for something I had worked hard for,” Meyer, said.

Each year, students like Maddie Meyer get recognized for their academic abilities. They do our school proud by representing us on a district level.