The D’ettes start competition season

Lindsey Miller, Reporter

The D’ettes have worked hard this year to prepare for their upcoming competitions. Their first competition is the weekend of  December 19th and 20th at Copper Hills.  In order to prepare for this competition the team will be hosting a parent preview December 10th for all of their parents and families to watch their routines.

“We get all of our competition routines ready and we just perform them for the first time. And we run everything with our costumes to make sure everything looks good,” Kylee Badger, Captain of the D’ettes, said.

The D’ettes have put hours of hard work and effort into making their routines the best they can be. “We practice every A-day morning and we practice Tuesday nights from 5:30-9:30. At practices we make sure we run all of our routines, halftime routines and competition routines. We make sure they all look good and clean them,” Badger said.

Although the D’ettes spend time working to perfect their routines for competitions, they also take time to get to know each other and have all become close friends. “One of my favorite things about it is meeting the girls,because without drill none of us would have really met each other. And this year being a senior and being captain, I love being able to set an example and to help lead the girls,” Badger said.