Over Looked Holidays

Jed Fowles

Over Looked Holidays

Riley Stam, Andrea Flores, and Courtney Nay

Too much Christmas?

Every year Christmas seems to come faster than the year before.  Junior Eric Thompson said, “Christmas is the season that everyone looks forward to for the whole year.”It’s true, who doesn’t count down the days until Christmas? But in the excitement of presents and snow, do we forget the other holidays?

“Because everyone’s like, what’s your favorite holiday? and everyone says Christmas!” Said Junior Clarissa Johnson. “You get presents!”

Christmas is slowly growing more popular and commercialized. It is becoming a bigger deal all over the world. Why is it that Halloween or Thanksgiving are  never really looked forward to as much as Christmas? Thanksgiving is slowly becoming less and less popular. “ I feel that we need to give Thanksgiving a chance.” Said junior Becca Kimble. Though Halloween still gets some recognition there are a lot of Halloween posters, activities, and advertisements on television.

And what about Thanksgiving, where’s the promotion for that? “What happened to Thanksgiving,” Sophomore Michael Nelson said. “Thanksgiving is nice.”

But not everyone feels that way, junior Becca Kimble said, “[Thanksgiving] is a pointless holiday.” The main focus of the ‘holiday season’ seems to be Christmas, not so much for the Christmas spirit, but for the fun and the gain of the season.