Trivia Crack


Davis High student playing Trivia Crack

Madi Russell, Reporter

Trivia Crack has quickly become an international smash hit that puts friends against each other to see who has the most trivia knowledge. The new and exciting game has six categories you can choose from: science, entertainment, art, geography, sports and history. Trivia Crack has rapidly risen to #1 on the free app chart.

“I think it is fantastic! However it is getting to the point where it is overhyped almost. It’s addicting, everybody plays it and if you think about it, it was just an overnight thing.” Jackson Smith, Senior, said.

This game is truly one of a kind. It has over one hundred thousand questions with constant updates and new competition. It has become a hit throughout Davis High and all throughout the world. It is a great game to put your knowledge to the test against some of your best friends.