Fashion Flashbacks

Jed Fowles

Andrea Flores, Courtney Nay, and Riley Stam

Fashion Flashback- what are kids wearing? And where did the style come from


The students here have a style that is all their own, or is it?

Seni Nuusila, Baile Bosse, are wearing are simply fashion trends from the past that are returning for a modern debut, such as crop tops, high waisted pants, and flannel patterned shirts.  Students are wearing are things that your mom could have possibly worn.

The popular styles that are returning to this day are the crop top T- shirts. Loose fitting shirts that end just above the mid section. However, they are not very popular. Bailee Bosse doesn’t find them attractive at all. “They’re  just immodest,” Bosse said.

But one thing that has really made a comeback are the flannel shirts. “The Flannels, yeah those are pretty cool. I wear those.” Nuusila said.

Those styles are worn mostly by girls.

Rich Firmage said “boys they don’t change, its the same ol every year.”  But boys are wearing longer socks. Austin Birrell likes long socks. “Yeah, I wear  long socks.” Birrell said.

The long socks are also worn with converse sneakers and sandals. You’d think that socks and sandals would be a ‘no, no’, but they are very popular.

Teachers have noticed that some of the styles are things they wore or did as a student themselves. Mr. Street, a math teacher has pointed out that he is glad the “good ol days” are coming back.

However, Firmage  stated “Everything just gets tighter.” Firmage also believes that short shorts are a problem with the schools dress code. “You can’t even buy longer shorts,” Firmage stated.

Styles have influenced students a lot and we can really notice that here.