Administration Requires Argumentative Essays

Jed Fowles

Madi Russell and Jake Feigleson

Starting this year Davis High has set a new standard for their students. The administration has asked that teachers require all of their students to write one argumentative essay per term.

“The district likes every school to have a goal and so to us it just made sense to use this as an opportunity to help prepare our students for the future,” Mr. Chapple, Davis High assistant principal, said.

As the administration met together before the year began, they came to a conclusion that the area that our students needed the most improvement in was writing.

“It is one thing that we all share and have that common need for and that is writing,” Chapple said.

This year has been a year of changes at Davis High and one of those changes was the addition of Argumentative essays to every class. The conclusion that the administration has come to is that the student body of Davis High must become more proficient in writing.