Alex From Target Gains Fame

On Sunday, November 2, the “Alex From Target” craze was all over Twitter. A picture of Alex bagging bags at Target was posted by a popular Twitter account and within minutes it was all over the Internet.

However, people are overlooking that Alex From Target is only famous for being attractive.

“It just lifts these good looking people on top of everybody and so they just don’t do anything,” Jacob Garcia, Senior, said.

Becoming famous for being cute is the dream of most teenagers these days.

“I’d feel pretty good, it’d be pretty awesome to get famous over a little picture,” Cam Moffett, Senior said.

We all would love to be famous for doing nothing, it sounds wonderful. Except Assistant Principal Firmage that is, “[It would be] so embarrassing, I’d hate it!”

People would definitely agree that society praises looks over good deeds.

“Why would you lift up some worker at Target when there’s someone who just died in war protecting our country?” Garcia said.

“I feel like the amount of fame they get is disproportionate to what they did,” Moffett said.