Different Views on DHS Assistant Principal

Jed Fowles

Carter Erickson and Ayrion Orton

Ever since 2004, Davis High School has had one of the most experienced assistant principals in the district. Being a former Jr. High teacher and being on staff at Davis High School, Mr. Firmage knows true dedication. His graduation certificates are proof of his persistence.

“I graduated from Provo High, got my bachelor at BYU and my Masters at USU,” Assistant Principal Firmage said.

His work in the past has given him qualifications in many fields of work. Some that may even be a little surprising for an assistant principal to have.

“My first job was shining shoes at a Barber Shop,” Firmage said.

Although he started out in the shining shoes business his work there is definitely not where he is today. Firmage later decided that he wanted to choose a different career path.

“I taught as a teacher for about 18 years,” Firmage said.

Firmage’s teaching experience, he said, is what lead him to become an assistant principal for the past ten years.

“I had a principal one time say ‘you are doing a lot of administration stuff any way you might as well get paid to do it, so why don’t you become an administrator?’ I thought about it for a long time and I eventually said, ‘Okay, it’s not a bad idea.’”