The Stoop

Jed Fowles

John Eaton and Jamie Pratt

Everyone at Davis High has heard about the Stoop, but the students who stand in the Stoop have a different definition of the it. Some students agree that the stoop is a Davis High tradition, while others don’t share the same enthusiasm. “The Stoop smells like buns.” Junior, Myles Parkhurst said.

At Davis High, the Stoop is a crucial part the experience. Unfortunately for Davis High, and most High Schools for that matter, the halls in between classes are unbearably crowded, especially that infamous spot where the cool kids hang out.

For some, it is a place to go in between classes to hang out and catch up with friends. For others, it is a battle they have to fight every time the bell rings. “I think the Stoop is ridiculous. I think it’s stupid and the people who sit at the Stoop are idiots.” Senior, Jackson Smith said.

As teenagers, we feel this need to be part of a group. We want to feel needed and belong to something, especially when the halls are full of people who are alone.“The trouble is not really in being alone, it’s being lonely. One can be lonely in the midst of a crowd, don’t you think?” Author Christine Feehan said.

This is a common feeling, especially in High School where all you want is to fit in and get out as soon as you can. This leads to students grouping together to people who are like us, so we can fit into our own form and idea of what a group is.

It’s a normal part of being human. We have to find some common ground where you can know what to expect and be prepared. At Davis High, we have made this “common ground” the Stoop. In the end, the stoop is nothing more than a safe ground for those who stand in it. A refuge and common ground for the high schoolers of Davis High.