Senior Traditions Create a Fun Senior Year

Sarah Earnshaw, Reporter

Going through high school can be treacherous with older students calling you a “squashmore” as a Sophomore, and then the pain of hard classes during your Junior year. But the one thing everyone looks forward to is the Senior Traditions during Senior year.


“Every year we have a Senior Carnival or the Senior Battalion,” Eliza Lin, a Senior Class Officer said. Senior year is full of traditions including these two.


The School’s motto is, “Defend the Tradition,” which is saying Davis High keeps up with their traditions. Although, on occasion, it is okay for students to create new traditions.


Although they follow the schools motto, the Senior Class Officers have planned to add on to the traditions, including the Senior Movie Night they did not too long ago, when the Seniors went to see Mockingjay Part I.

“We’re also…giving out to all the Seniors that have birthdays, a birthday card,” she said. This is another tradition they have started this year. The Senior Class Officers have obviously found different ways to follow the School’s motto and add onto it as well.