Students share embarrassing stories

Jed Fowles and

Hannah Palmer and Bryn Malan


A classroom is a place where you feel like you need to impress your peers; who’s smarter, who’s best dressed. But no matter how hard you try to keep your composure, at some point you are going to slip up and this is when embarrassment comes into play. Some incidents are more severe than others, but either way, your pride is shot down. Embarrassment is not a fun feeling.

“I felt scared that people would judge me for what happened,” Brittney Mainor, a senior, said.

According to embarrassment is one of the most self-conscious emotions for people. Embarrassment also can remind people of their failures. People generally do not like the feeling of embarrassment; it makes them feel vulnerable and self-conscious. Some common signs of embarrassment are, downward stares, face touching, head turning, and sometimes blushing.

“I tried to look down to avoid my embarrassment but it didn’t really work,” Camie Mendoza, a sophomore at Davis High, said.

Embarrassment comes from accidental behavior. Most embarrassing situations are common between a lot of other people such as; tripping, falling, spilling, and receiving unwanted attention from a person in front of a lot of people. All sorts of different situations trigger embarrassment, you can’t really help the feeling, it is a natural emotion.

“I was embarrassed yet excited,” Sam Vanywynen, a Davis High junior, said.

Embarrassment is not always a bad thing, it could bring out something exciting and good. When someone is talking about you sometimes you just feel embarrassed, even if it is a good thing they’re saying. Embarrassment is also commonly felt when accepting awards of achievement.

“I toughed it out, and that was kinda hard to do,” Joe Witt, a Davis High junior, said.

Getting around embarrassment is one of the hardest things to do, you don’t know what to say or how to react when you are put in these situations. When you are around people that you are comfortable with you could feel less embarrassed. Something that could be completely embarrassing to one person could be completely hilarious to another.

“I found a way around my embarrassment ‘cause I was a cook kid so I just used my charm and sexiness,” Ezra Resek, a Davis High student, said.