Peer Tutors Help Students with Disabilities

Jordan Wood

Andrea Flores and Palmer Flood

Being a peer tutor can get a lot of advantages and opportunities that people today don’t even know about.
A lot by working with the kids. “You learn how to act around them,” Tucker Long said.

This would look good on a college resume. This shows patience, excellent communication skills, and it also shows capability of working in a team. It can also show determination in a field.

This offers a higher amount of individual attention to learners than just being in class and being taught by the teacher and other students. The students feel more comfortable receiving instructions from the tutor than the teacher.
According to the National Education Association, these programs help the tutee, it leads to a higher level of education. It promotes academic and social development for both the tutor and the tutee.

The tutees have as much fun with the tutor as the tutor with the tutee. Their daily basis consists of, timing in, going to your mainstream class, like an elective class. Or you could stay in the 1200 hall and do Math, Language arts, etc.

The tutees love their tutors. “Our Peer tutors mean so much to us and we love them,” Paige Del Porte said.
The tutors don’t have favorites. “The whole class is my favorite,” Keiann Page senior said. They love each and every one of the kids. “I love getting to know the kids, they are awesome!” Tucker Long said.