Coach Bishop Leaves Davis

Many changes have occurred over the years here at Davis High School, one of the more recent changes felt throughout the entire school is the resignation of Coach Ryan Bishop. Coach Bishop was last year football coach caring many victories with his name. This change has a greater effect on the sophomore football players of 2014.

The sophomore class came into this year with the idea that coach bishop would continue to coach them but instead they were bombarded with the information at this year’s varsity camp that he would not be coaching the football team anymore, “I was sad because Bishop was the guy that could get everyone going,” said Sam Fisher.  His very own son was affected by his decision. “I was sad because as soon as I came to play for the team, my dad left,” said his son Reggie Bishop.

The team had ways of becoming closer and getting over the fact that their head coach left. “We rallied each other and hung out more to become closer to each other and our new head coach,” Said Bishop.

When Bishop left it didn’t affect the mindset of the player’s or their playing, “I trust out new staff, they know what they are doing and they are good guys,” said Fisher.

The new coaches had big shoes to fill, they had to develop a relationship with the team that the boys had with coach Bishop. “I’ve always known the coaches, but now it’s a stronger relationship. With my dad not being here, they have been helping me,” said Bishop.

The teams enthusiasm has definitely not deflated with the new coaches, “I just can’t wait for the next couple of years,” said Fisher.