Christian Parkinson shares dancing talent

Christian Parkinson is a senior at Davis high who has danced for about 8 years; he choreographs dances, and also teaches dance.


“I was really lucky, I got to intern at my studio at 14. From there I just assisted, and then, now I teach. I get to work with little kids, and I love it. You take a little kid that is really self-conscious and then at the end of the year, he gets on stage, or she gets on stage and they’re performing,” Parkinson said.


He has had the opportunity to choreograph for multiple studios, the D’ettes, Dance Company and  just worked with the drill team from Woods Cross. He has also been able to use his love of dance and ability to choreograph to help others.


“We do charity shows for my studio, to bring money in. That was amazing to take something that I love and use it to help someone else,” Parkinson said.


Dance has been one of Parkinson’s major talents, and it has also brought him to other talented dancers, that have become his closest friends.

“I’ve loved the people that I’ve met. They’re just free, and like Ali Laumua is just the kindest person you will ever meet, and so I have just loved becoming best friends with her,” Parkinson said.