Moonlight Participants prepare for the serenade

Riley Stam, Reporter

Every year, the Dance Company, Jazz Band, and selected singers, perform in an event called the Moonlight Serenade. The Moonlight serenade is a fundraiser for Davis High School’s band.

“Its a really big show,”, Senior Austin Eborn said, who is one of the boys participating in the Moonlight Choir along with Chandler Allen and Alyssa Vincent, and nine other students.

Tickets for the Moonlight Serenade are $25 for a full course meal and endless entertainment.

“There is a lot of music involved,” senior Alyssa Vincent said. “We got this huge  binder at the first of the year.”

Each singer is  required to have two solos in each of the songs. The Moonlight Singers have learned about ten songs so far, and are about to learn more. The Dance Company is split into three groups and will perform one number for each group, and the Jazz Band have learned about ten songs for Moonlight, and will learn more.

“It’s basically a night full of jazz,” senior Chandler Allen said. “At the end of the night, basically everyone is up dancing having a ball.”

This years Moonlight is shaping up to be a lot of fun. Get your tickets now to be able to participate in the musical extravaganza this April.