Sundance Film Festival creates aspiring filmmakers

Jake Feigleson, Reporter

The Sundance Film Festival is a big tradition in the state of Utah and even the United States. The tradition started in 1978 as a technique to attract more film makers to Utah. Since then, it has blown up into a big-time event where people from all over the U.S. and the world come to enjoy the art of film making.

This year at the Sundance film festival, there were many celebrity sightings such as: James Franco, Kevin Bacon, Ryan Reynolds, Jack Black, Jeffrey Tambor, and many more. The films were held at various restaurant and small theaters all over Park City, Salt Lake City, and other cities in Utah. Most of the big-time actors come to the film festival to watch films that they were starred in.

The filmmakers are small-time producers with a shot to become renowned and well-known depending on how their film does. Some films that have been shown at the film festival are: Girlhood, Ten Thousand Saints, The Hunting Ground, and many other films. It has been a very successful year in Park City this year. The streets are crowded to capacity, people are running rampant looking for celebrities, and the films get better as the years go by.rs_634x1024-140117110437-634.Sundance-2014-Aaron-Paul.jl.011714sundancefilm-parkcity