Students perform in talent show

Madi Russell, Reporter

It’s that time of year again, when the DHS student body gets to see truly how talented some of their fellow classmates are. One group specifically is expected to excite the crowd with their dancing skills. Ali Laumua, Christian Parkinson, Ashley Randall, Alyssa Wooley and Becca Parkinson are a group of seniors that will be performing a hip-hop piece in the talent show on January 28.

“Since it was our last talent show we wanted to make it like a bigger deal. We are really excited, it’s not just like one number, it’s a big show,” Alyssa Wooley said.

This group of seniors have danced together for years. They have a tight relationship that you can see as they are performing together.

“We have all danced together since we were like three, Christian just started dancing a couple of years ago and he brought us all together to do this piece,” Wooley said.

Students have rehearsed and worked for weeks to perform in front of their fellow classmates. The talent show will be an amazing opportunity to be entertained and see how talented the students of Davis High are.

However this talented group of dancers was not able to perform due the citizenship issues of one of the performers.