Weber State holds Wildcat Welcome

Ella Johnson, Reporter

On February 4th, Weber State University held a Wildcat Welcome for Juniors and Seniors interested in attending Weber State in the future. This welcome day included scholarship awarding, campus tours, an activity fair, and information sessions about attending college.

Junior Arllie Klemish attended this Wildcat Welcome as she is considering attending Weber after high school. She said that the event was, “definitely worth my time… [It was] basically a bunch of high schoolers going to visit Weber, and I guess kind of exploring what Weber has to offer.”

Klemish found that taking the time to explore the University was the most helpful. “The best part was we were given the opportunity to actually go out and explore the university,” said Klemish. “It was really beneficial because you’re not just sort of hanging around not knowing what you’re doing, instead we got to actually check it out.”

Students interested in attending Weber State University that were unable to attend the Wildcat Welcome can still have opportunities to be awarded scholarships by filling out the admissions application found on Weber’s website: