Sophomore Orientation Night

John Eaton, Reporter

Every year, Davis High runs the Sophomore Orientation night. This year it will be held in February. Run by the faculty and administration, this event helps those coming into Davis.

“Sophomore orientation is Monday, February 23. It’s from 6:00-7:30. Right here at Davis High School. It’s for all incoming Sophomores, who will be Sophomore students here at Davis high next year.” Assistant Principal Mr. Chapple said.

The event is well scheduled and is used to help inform the incomers to know and navigate Davis High.

“At Davis High school the students are broken up into schools of subject that interest them, so the sophomore get an opportunity to come and meet different teachers in their school of interest to learn a little more about classes offered, and it provides them an opportunity to see what Davis high is all about,” Chapple said.

The orientation night is useful to the incoming sophomores because high school can be an intimidating experience.

“Davis is a huge school, this gives them an opportunity to come see what the school is all about in a more intimate setting and to feel a little bit more comfortable with their peers. I think it is very valuable for these kids to come to Davis High early and see what they’re in for”, Chapple said.