Davis High Needs More Parking Spots

Ashton Fry, Reporter

There is a growing problem of students parking illegally in the parking lot. They are parking in teacher’s spots, and also parking without passes.


“The problem is that more parking passes are being given out, than we have spots for… this makes it harder on people who try to legally park and on teachers and we come and find that a student has parked in our spot,” Mr. Leifson, computer teacher said.


This problem is more prevalent in North End, because students don’t think about teachers parking there as much as in front of the school.


“Students take the teacher’s spot, and then teacher’s don’t have a place to park. Since they are typically honest people, and they aren’t going to park illegally…it kind of screws us over,” Leifson said.


Any parking spot with a number, belongs to a teacher. Students need to be aware that if they do park in a spot with a number, they are taking a teacher’s spot, and that makes teacher’s lives more difficult.