Synopsis of one acts

Darla Burrola

All my sons by Arthur Miller: directed by William Cowser

All My Sons is a tragic Post-World War II story about a family named the Keller’s. Keller’s two sons, Larry and Chris, served during the war. Chris made it back home but Larry’s airplane went down in China and the young man was declared MIA. Mrs. Keller denies the death of her son. This becomes a problem for Anne Deeve and Chris who want to get married but are hesitant, because of the fact that Anne used to be Larry’s girlfriend, and Mr. Keller’s business partner is Anne’s father, Joe, who has recently been arrested after allegedly selling faulty parts leading to the death of many WWII pilots.

Darkside by Tom Stoppard: directed by Collin Matthews

Darkside is a 2013 philosophical comedy radio that’s based on the themes of Pink Floyd’s 1973 progressive rock album The Dark Side of the Moon. It centers on a college student named Emily McCoy, who wants to save the world. She asks and answers questions about ethics, and human nature. And goes on a subconscious journey to fix the world.

Incognito by Janet Allard: directed by Miles Folsom

Incognito is about two teenagers who meet up in the middle of the night. Tilly is spying on her new love interest when Jim comes in drunk wanting to talk. They do and in their deep talk their real friendship is revealed. It’s a story about what is doesn’t mean to know a person.

One way out of it by Francesca Falk Miller: directed by Connor Petersen

One way out of it is a comedy about the Meadows, a couple who lives on a farm. One day they find out that the Townley’s, a snobbish couple from the city, are coming to visit. This means weeks of having to put up to the Townley’s every request, so the Meadows decide to the Townley’s visit a memorable one.

Property Rites by Alan Haehnel: directed by Joey Merrill

Property rites is a about Kyle Macmanus, a rich man who invested millions in a high-tech work of art. That consist of fifteen human figure sculptures programmed to do thousands of monologues, movements and dialogues. Just as he’s about to make a sell, one of his sculptures malfunctions and comes to life. As each figure struggles to come to life, a race starts between the struggling figures and Kyles plan to get his money back by destroying the figures and collecting his insurance money.

Perfect by Alan Haehnel: directed by Tori Wuthrich

Perfect is a drama about Bethany. Starting at age four, Bethany grows up with the pressure of trying to be perfect all the time. By the time she becomes a teenager Bethany can’t stand her own image in the mirror. She is left to a harsh reality forged by years of expectations and self-doubt. With help of those who love her, Bethany starts on a path of self-acceptance.

Andra Thorne, the theater teacher in charge of one acts announced who would get to perform their one act in the regional competition and announced “All My Sons” directed by Wil Cowser.