School Song’s Mystery Uncovered

Riley Stam, reporter

Davis High School is well known for its incredible school spirit. And nothing adds more to that wonderful school spirit than the school song.  The students have a huge impact on the spirit that is in our school song. “Some years students are more enthusiastic than others,” said Mr. Firmage. Each year is different, either more students build spirit by singing the song, or they take away from it by not singing. This year however, Mr. Firmage has said that he hasn’t seen as much participation in singing the school song. But, students claim to love it. “ I like it when we sing it, like after assemblies and stuff!” said Sophomore Abby Potter.

Not one student believes that we should sing the song more, same with the faculty. “I like how it is,” said Sophomore Alyssa Nelson.  “I don’t think it matters,” agreed Sophomore Ashley Taylor.

The School Song has a great impact on all the people here, and the spirit it brings, whether they know it or not.
BROLL Fred Shefield