FFA comes to lunch the week of the 17th


Sarah Earnshaw, Reporter

Next week, the week of the 17th, or President’s day, the FFA Week will take place. There will be some activities allowing students to experience what the FFA, the Future Farmer’s of America, is all about. “It’s basically an opportunity to celebrate FFA and the great things it does in the lives of students here at Davis High,” Cody Saunders, the advisor for the group.

Saunders says there will be some activities during lunch in the cafeteria for students to, “come and see what we do in the FFA and learn a little more about agriculture.”

On a day next week, there will something like a petting zoo. “Last year, we had planned to bring in some animals to set up in the greenhouse and let people come and take a look at some of the animals that we deal with in agriculture classes. Last year we had a little baby calf come in and some lambs, [and] some rabbits, [and] chickens.”

This petting zoo will be after school, possibly thursday, but make sure to keep an ear out students because, “This year we decided to continue that tradition and to give everyone an opportunity to come and maybe see animals that they haven’t had the opportunity to see before.