Career Fair helps students to be “on target”


March 11 will be the annual Career Fair for students.“What we’re trying to do is invite working professionals into our school to let students know about the different career pathways as well as the education opportunities that are out there,” Mitch Arquette, the Career Fair director, said.

“On Target,”  the slogan created for this event, represents the phrase, “Are you on target to reach your goals?” This represents the Fair’s goal of helping students target their future occupations.

“I think it’s a great chance to meet different people, different personalities, and explore what’s out there,” said Arquette.

“It’s an A day; it’ll be the first thing in the morning so the students will come to school just like regular. They’ll attend their first two periods and go to the key note [speaker] and then we’ll have three breakout sessions, each lasting about a half an hour in length. Then we’ll have the students come together with their Home Room teacher and close it out, and then we’ll go to lunch, and then third and fourth period just like usual,” explained Arquette.

There are nearly 70 professionals to choose from and a few other Keynote speakers, including Attorney General Sean Reyes.

“[In] post secondary education there is a massive amount of debts that are out there. Last I read, it was a little over a trillion dollars in student loans. That scared me. Having had to take out student loans and pay them back as I worked is not fun. So, I think this could be really beneficial to help the students realize what they’re doing,” Arquette said.

On February 11 and February 18, during Home Room, students are to pre-register for the sessions they’d like to attend. March 11 is the day of the Career Fair.



1st Period

2nd Period

Career Fair:

-Keynote Speaker (Reyes)

-Session 1

-Session 2

-Session 3

-Home Room


3rd Period

4th Period