New Sweethearts Dance replaces Novelty

Jed Fowles

New Sweethearts Dance replaces Novelty

Ella Johnson, Reporter

This year, the typical boys choice, casual Novelty dance is being replaced with a new dance, Sweethearts. Although the name of the dance was changed, Sweethearts is still boys choice and casual dress.

Students have their own conjectures about why the dance was changed.

“It wasn’t really a popular dance in the past, so probably they changed it to make it a little more popular and so that more kids would go,” Senior Dillon Lee said.

“I know a lot of schools call their dance around Valentine’s Sweethearts,” Senior Hannah Wilkinson said. “Maybe we just decided that we wanted to be like them.”

The decision to change the dance was made by the student body officers and their advisor, LeeAnn Hyer.

“Novelty was one of the lowest attended dances,” Hyer said. “Students had asked why we didn’t have a Valentines dance.  When I became SBO advisor I decided to suggest the change and have the dance on a day that isn’t the same as the ACT.”

Another reason the dance was changed was because of the confusion students had from the name Novelty.

“Novelty was confusing,” Hyer said. “No one really knew what it meant.”

Sweethearts will be held on Saturday, February 21, and the theme is 80’s casual dress.