Orchestra performs in Solo and Ensemble

Riley Stam, Reporter

Davis High’s orchestra students have the opportunity this year to participate in the Solo and Ensemble. The Solo and Ensemble is a festival where participants prepare a musical piece either by themselves or with other people, and present it to a panel of judges. The orchestra allows in class time for the ensembles to meet and practice.


“It’s hard to meet after school, before school,” said sophomore Ashley Taylor,  “so we utilize that time.”

Every student works hard on each of their solo pieces months in advance so they can perform them to the best of their abilities.


“We’ve been preparing since halfway through the second term,” said sophomore Grace Newenswander.

Grace has been playing the violin for ten years, and is very excited to perform in this event.


“Since I grew up with it,” Grace said, “It’s something you come to love.”

There is no limit to how many ensembles you participate in, however it is very time consuming to prepare a single piece of music.


“It’s not suggested that you do a whole lot,” said Ashley Taylor, “It can be hard to time them all.”

The solo and ensemble for Davis High’s orchestra, will be taking place on February 19th after school.