Students Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Madi Russell, Reporter

For some, Valentine’s day is the most magical day of the year, filled with love and heart shaped candies. However, for most,  February 14th is day dreaded all year. Here are 7 ways to beat the single-on-Valentines day blues!

  1.       Girls/Guys night – Have all your single friends over, fill it with treats, movies and lots of laughs.
  2.       Spend time with family – Family is the best time, right? 😉
  3.       Bake & frost cookies with friends!
  4.       Have a karaoke night – Set up the music and microphone and let out your inner rock star.
  5.       Throw a “love hurts” party for you and your Valentine-less friends.
  6.       Go on a fun adventure!
  7.       Go to dinner with a close group of friends!

Valentine’s day should be a fun and special holiday no matter your relationship status! So get out there and make this year’s Valentine’s day one for the books!