White Ribbon Week fights against pornography


Jake Feigleson, Reporter

White Ribbon week is just around the corner, and many people at Davis High do not understand what it is all about. White Ribbon is a week that is devoted to fighting against pornography. The truth about pornography is that it is very real and very dangerous. It has been proven that pornography is even more addictive than most drugs.

The people who are most targeted by this terrible wave of addiction are teenagers. Everything from ads on a game on a cell phone to billboards driving along the freeway are aimed to get people to look at what they have to say. A lot of advertisers will implement a pornographic image in something that doesn’t even have anything to do with what they are advertising.

A cold hard fact about pornography is that it breaks apart families. Porn addicts will, over time, become desensitized and distant once they are in the grips of addiction. Their lives revolve around getting that next “hit” and they can’t control the want and “need” that they have for pornography. It will soon end up not only affecting their lives, but those who are closest to them also. In the end, it will never turn out good for a family when addiction to pornography is involved.

White Ribbon Week is a reminder to us all as Davis High students and faculty also to take a look at our own lives. This plague will never turn out as good as the ads, pictures, videos, movies, and all other forms of media make it seem. There is one thing that all drugs, including pornography, have in common: the crash.