Boys’ Tennis

Boys Tennis

With the boys’ tennis season just around the corner, many people don’t know what the tennis team is or what it is about. One boy on the tennis team, Junior Seth Dana,  joined,  “Because I play tennis and I felt like it would be a pretty easy team to get on,” said Dana. All players have a different starting point, but for Seth he got his start when he was young.


“I got my start from my Grandpa who plays tennis and he started giving me lessons and I just went from there,” said Dana. Each player has their own favorite thing about the upcoming seasons.


“Just match-day, going to all the different schools and playing is something I always have looked forward too,” Dana said. Each tennis player has a dream of winning a tournament.


“My biggest accomplishment is when I won a tournament in park city a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t for Davis.” Seth has really high hopes for the upcoming season and the team.


“I think we can win region this year. Our top rivals in Tennis would probably be Viewmont and there best player was a Senior last year.” Dana said.